Sunday, 23 September 2012

Now Playing: Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is a solid first person shooter. It has a unique setting with some good atmosphere and a decent - if rather muddled at times - story. It looks great, and I like the little details throughout the game which create a bleak, realistic world that draws you in.

The characters, unfortunately, are all rather short lived and forgettable– it’s a shame there’s no people you can ever connect to throughout the story, and as a result, its hard to ever really care about exactly what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

It’s got some tense moments and is a little survival-horror like in many ways. The game is primarily set in the underground network beneath Moscow. I was worried that the environments might get a bit, well, repetitive after a while, but the game regularly mixes things up and it’s never really an issue.

It’s not very long, but I’d say it’s long enough for what it needs to do. It’s extremely linear, but it’s well crafted and it’s got some nice little touches I like, such as the non-existent UI, the gas masks, the wind up torch, and the journal. VA is also good throughout. There’s not really a lot of replay value, but it was certainly worth the few quid I paid for it in a sale.

I didn’t find it particularly engaging personally, but if you’re looking for a solid shooter it’s definitively worth checking out. I’d love to play something similar but with a larger environment, more exploration and...hang on, don’t I have those two STALKER games in my backlog?


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