Thursday, 3 January 2013

Work in Progress: WFTD & SOV

WFTD and SOV are now complete. SOV was a largely painless affair. My original draft was surprisingly solid and with a few tweaks and additions here and there, I think it’s now in a fine state. WFTD was a little more challenging, with many internal debates on the ‘right’ way to end the story. A few rewrites later, I ultimately went with my original choices (with a couple of minor tweaks) and the novel was complete, with an additional seven thousand words on top of the original draft.

And with the dawn of the new year, I must now look to my next projects. I’ve accumulated quite a body of work over the last several years that I’ve not really done anything with, so although I have many ideas for new books, I’ve decided to focus instead on taking existing unfinished / unpolished work and editing and rewriting them where necessary.

I have three initial projects in mind - NI, HS, and AO. Each already exits in a draft form, HS in particular shouldn’t require too much work. But NI and AO will require some significant rewrites - NI in particular. I guess I should get started.

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