Monday, 23 July 2012

Damage Report

So the Steam Summer sale has ended, and my wallet can rest easy once again. I’m very pleased that the damage was nowhere near as extensive as the winter sale last year. With tremendous self control, I limited myself to only purchasing games on my wish list, and only then if the reductions were significant.

I was tempted by several other titles, but with steely nerves I resisted. My backlog was intimidating enough already, without making it even worse. So what did I pick up?

Well, I kicked things off with the Alan Wake Bundle. I’d already completed the core game on the 360 after a friend got it for me. I really quite enjoyed it, so I was happy to pick up the PC version with all the DLCs included and the American Nightmare spin off. Next up was Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I’ve not played a Street Fighter game in years, but recently I had an itch to try out one of the new ones, and at 6 quid this looked like a great investment.

Batman: Arkham City was my next purchase. I thought Asylum was excellent, so I’m really looking forward to playing this. And to round things off I finally picked up Crysis. I played a demo of this back when it was released, but my PC at the time simply wasn’t up to the job of running it well even on the lowest settings, so I never got the full game. I always said I’d get around to playing it eventually though, and finally the day has come.

So yeah, it’s not as bad as I expected and I’m really looking forward to playing some of these titles. I really have to focus on finishing the draft of my book first though!

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