Friday, 13 February 2015


Ahead of schedule, QOTSS is now complete. I’ve already invested quite a bit of time in editing, refining and polishing each of the four parts, so this draft is fairly solid and shouldn’t require too much extra work. I’ll now be turning my attention towards my e-books. If all goes to plan, I hope to have the updated versions uploaded in a month or so. And I’ll probably do a free promotion on a couple of them, so look out for it.

In gaming news, I have reviews written for those two Metal Gear games I picked up in the sale. They’ll be coming up soon. And next week Total War: Attila is released which I think I’ll pick up. I’ve watched several hours worth of streams of the game and I’ll watch a few more now reviews are starting to drop. After Rome 2 I’m naturally a little wary, but everything is looking quite positive.

Aside from that, I’ve still got Assassin’s Creed 4 in my backlog and…yeah, there’s not much else on the horizon I can say I’m waiting for. The Witcher 3 is due out in May. Hopefully Attila and AC4 will keep me occupied until then. I might even do some retro reviews along the way if I’m not too busy.

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