Saturday, 4 May 2013

Coming Soon: High Strangeness

I’m pleased to announce that work on my next e-book release is progressing more quickly than I anticipated. I’m in the final stages of editing, at which point I will turn my attention to formatting and presentation, before conducting a final few editing tweaks. But here’s a sneak peek at the blurb (still a work in progress) -


UFOs, aliens, angels, poltergeists, animal mutilations & mysterious Men in Black. With the relentless summer sun came the High Strangeness to the sleepy English village of Aversham - ‘A paranormal party to which everything you never believed in is invited.’

But the Strangeness is more than a gathering of supernatural forces. Its presence foretells a coming disaster, as sixteen-year-old Beth Wells learns from the enigmatic Felix Clark. At odds with her family and struggling to accept the reality of what she has seen, Beth has six days to uncover the truth and to try to prevent the disaster before it can strike.

High Strangeness is a young-adult tale of horror and mystery as paranormal forces collide.


If all goes well I hope to have High Strangeness available for sale before the end of the month. Keep an eye out for it.

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