Friday, 3 May 2013

Suburban Killbot Year 1

So it’s been a whole year since I started this blog. It was mostly supposed to be about my writing, but out of the 90 odd posts during that time, only about 20 or so were directly about my work. Oh. About 60 others were videogame related. It’s okay - my videogame/work balance isn’t quite so lopsided in reality. I must admit however that I’ve not been able to do as much writing recently as I planned. I wasn’t slumped in front of my PC though, mostly I’ve been outside doing a lot of garden work. As procrastination goes, at least it's productive.

But despite that, I finally put out my first e-book - The Great Journey! Hurrah! (Currently available for free on Amazon) It was a test in a way, to learn the process of formatting and uploading a book to the Kindle service which turned out to be a fairly painless affair. I’m very happy with the result. I guess now it’s time to focus on marketing the book and also preparing my next release. To that end, I also joined Twitter and GoodReads (still setting that up). Hopefully, over time, I’ll gather a few people who want to read my stuff, but I know it’s going to be a long, hard road ahead.

I’m hoping to have a new e-book - a full length YA novel out by the end of this month if all goes well. Look out for it. I also submitted another completed novel to a publisher the other day, so fingers crossed for that. As much as I enjoyed the e-publishing experience, having the backing of a major publisher would still be the ideal scenario.

Now, let’s break down those videogame stats shall we? My Now Playing posts were never really intended to be ‘reviews’ as such, but over the course of the year they became increasingly more in depth than I originally intended. Of the 37 titles I scored only 3 emerged fairly unscathed with a 9. 10 others scored a worthy 8. The vast majority scored between 6-7. There were a couple of duds, but thankfully on the whole, everything I played this year I enjoyed to an extent.

So I decided to pick out a game for every month. 12 games that stood out this year and I’d heartily recommend. I’ve compiled them in an image below -

In terms of games I’m looking forward to this year, Rome 2 is obviously top of the list, but I’m also keeping a close eye on Watch_Dogs. I’m pleased that I was able to shave down my backlog quite a bit, although it didn’t help that I added to it several times. Hopefully I’ll be able to clear it by this time next year.

Yeah...probably not.

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