Wednesday, 3 July 2013

By His Bootstraps

So it’s July. Work on ZS is still progressing. I’ve been a bit busy with a few other things recently and that’s slowed me down, but I’m still aiming for an end of the month release. The cover art is pretty much done. Book 1 is done and just needs some edits. Book 2 is just over half done. My writing time has been a little limited of late, but I hope to find more free time over the next couple of weeks to finish things.

I’ve also been doing something of a spring clean/tidy to clear out some old junk and make room for my new PC. I’ve picked out all the parts I want now, and I’ll probably look to order soon. Before the end of July, I think. I’m still waiting on a few other bits and pieces to be delivered, but once those are in place, everything will be set.

I haven’t had much time lately for games either, but I’ve got a couple of reviews written out and ready to go, one is actually a month or so old, I just haven’t gotten around to publishing it yet. It looks like July is going to be another busy month. Hopefully by the time August rolls in I’ll have pretty much everything done and I’ll be able to sit back and relax for a bit. I just got things set up so I can play some of my old GameCube games again. They should keep me occupied until Rome 2 arrives.

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