Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Assignment in Eternity

I mentioned a couple of ducks landed in the garden the other week. Well, it seems they liked it here so much they’ve decided to come back every day. They usually show up early in the morning quacking for food, before spending most of the day asleep on the lawn, occasionally waddling over to the window for more grub or to drink out of their personal water bowl.

In other garden related news, a silly young squirrel somehow got one of his paws stuck in the nut feeder. I really don’t know how, but the poor little bugger was stuck hanging upside down unable to free himself. So I had to go out and try to help him down. He was obviously scared, and I had to be cautious in case he panicked and tried to scratch my face off. Fortunately, he seemed to calm down a little when I was near him, either that or he was frozen in terror, but it gave me the chance I needed to lift the feeder down with him on it and place it on the ground.

I was hoping if he was on a level surface he’d be able to free himself, and after some manic wriggling around on the grass, he did so, before scampering off into the bushes. He didn’t hurt himself, and I saw him again the next day, back on the feeder chomping away.

Eh, what else? Well, after nearly two weeks of decorating I can finally sit down and get some serious work done on WFTD. I've still not figured out how to handle the ending yet though.

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