Friday, 15 June 2012

Glory Road

So the draft of Part 2 of WFTD is complete. And my plan for Part 3 is actually starting to come together. I’m tempted to jump in and start on it right away, but I think I’ll take some time out and focus on polishing parts 1 and 2 first. Part 2 in particular needs a lot of work as I hammered it out over the course of about a week or so. One morning alone I sat and typed out 12 pages from scratch until my fingers cramped up and my eyes began to bleed. Then I stopped for lunch.

Remarkably, Part 2 is not a completely horrible mess and I now have something to work with. Something I can edit, refine, rewrite and tinker with until it’s not total crap. Then I go through it again and again and again until I start to hate it. At that point, I’ll know it’s time to stop and continue on with Part 3. I would not recommend my process to other people. Not to sane people, at least.

In garden related news, the duck that stares through the window has now taken to perching himself on top of a bench underneath the window so he can tap on the glass. A robin must have seen this and figured he’d do the same, so he also now comes to the window for food, sometimes perching on the ledge outside and chirping to get our attention. And how can you ignore something that cute? You can’t! Feeding those bloody birds is costing us a small fortune in bread.

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