Saturday, 9 June 2012

Now Playing: The Dark Project

Thief is absolutely fantastic. Atmospheric, tense, challenging, creepy, great sound, an engaging setting and story with a great main character with excellent VA. It’s a game that requires patience and planning and one that rewards exploration.

You play as Garrett, a thief living in a steam-punk style fantasy world. In each level of the game you are tasked with retrieving a particular object or objects. You’re given a sketchy hand drawn map and a selection of tools to assist you. There’s no way-point markers telling you exactly where to go. You’ve got to explore, listen to the conversations of guards and servants, or find clues and notes to help you.

There are additional mission objectives depending on what difficulty the game is set on, including ‘no kill’ rules. You’re a thief, after all - stealth and subtlety are your weapons. While it may have dated graphically, that’s something you completely forget about as you immerse yourself in the task at hand.

Overall, Thief is an excellent, challenging, rewarding game to play. I’m eager to get started on the sequels, and I hear a Thief 4 is in the works, by the same team that gave us Human Revolution.That was probably my favourite game of last year, so I have high hopes for Thief 4.


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