Monday, 11 June 2012

Work in Progress: WFTD

Okay, so I’d hoped to have a draft of Part 2 completed by now, but I’ve not quite finished it yet. I’m two chapters short. Still, that’s not too bad I suppose. I’ve been busy with a lot of garden work lately. In fact, considering the few weeks I took out for decorating and all the other things I’ve been up to, I should be pretty pleased I’ve gotten as much done as I have. WFTD is coming along nicely. I’ve estimated that Part 2 should roughly bring me up to around 45k words.

My only real concern is I’m still not certain on how Part 3 should play out. I’m pleased with what I’ve planned for the first few chapters, but beyond that it still doesn’t feel right to me yet. I’m waiting for something. Some idea. Something that feels right for the story and characters. I hope it comes to me soon.

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